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Punk friend from interstate got in touch one day via internet and said she was coming down to Adelaide (home of me, cheap salt n pepa tofu, rain) to hang out for a weekend and we talked a bit more and caught up and at the time I really wanted to do a really throwaway emo project band but then our conversation had moved onto other more important matters and the thought left me. Later via social media platform other punk got in touch with me saying she too was really keen to do something and the pieces started seeing one another. Then someone floated the crazy notion of doing a thing in a day, write and jam maybe three songs and just “make" something, a crafternoon antic; caught up in the wave of positivity I foolishly said yes; a fortnight or so later started receiving calls tentatively organising the damn thing. And so yes there was a lot of (too much?) talk but as usual most of the actual organising occurred on the day; dear friends Louise, Lewis, Pete, Abe let us use their lounge room and drum kit parts, Mr Hardcore lent us a bass amp, we grabbed all my four track shit and some practice amps and threw it into a car and had a jam. We didn’t have a drummer so I messaged another punky brewster seeing if he wanted to smash the bins in the afternoon with us and he said yes, but only at three, so we threw caution to the wind and while it was raining incredibly heavily outside (hail, the weatherman said later) we had a nice little afternoon playing some loud music together and even if it’s the sort of throwaway blown-out punk demo bashing that truthfully might be better reserved for highschoolers and the drums might cut out for a split second and the guitar ended up way more distorted than anyone expected we all came out of it pleasantly tired and knowing one another a little better, and if you want to hear it then here you go.


released July 7, 2013




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ROTTEN DEVICE Adelaide, Australia

Destruction rains from the heavens!

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